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Kenneth Roger Grandon - Feldenkrais practitioner & Massage Therapist. *Nutrition Therapy now available


“Feldenkrais helped me stay competitive at a world class level into my 40s: enhancing my strength, endurance, agility, & alignment. It’s the best method I’ve seen for improving core level physical coordination. The basis for that ultimate quality in sports: talent.”
-Ian Edmondson
World Cup Freestyle Skier
(Ian Edmondson, from Birmingham, Mich., a 1999 World Freestyle champion, won 11 World Cup Events)


Ken, the techniques you use seem to always be just what I need that day. Mixing massage with Feldenkrais has been the best thing for my fibromyalgia. I would recommend you to anyone that has Fibromyalgia.

Mary Cunningham (Fibromyalgia patient)


I always considered myself pretty healthy, but as I aged and became stiffer I began to suffer from falls. I am told it is a very common way for people to injure themselves at my age. Since you started mixing your types of bodywork with me, I have not only prevented falls but have improved in doing my daily maintanence around the house.

p.s. your foot massage relaxes every fiber of my body as well.

Mark Zauhar (70 years old)

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